AVISTAR 2019 – Final “The Title”

AviStar♛Nepal’s The Title Challenge was inspired by the costume of the girl god Kumari that brings good luck to Nepal. Kumari is a living god deeply rooted in the life and culture of Nepal. Kumari is considered the reincarnation of the Nepalese guardian deity. There are many Kumari not only in the country but also locally. AviStar♛Nepal respected the culture and styled it. The red nose makeup was expressed with accessories from the forehead that is a feature of Kumari. The gold snake that protects Kumari is also hidden in the necklace.

Arwen’s Creations – Nazima Rigged Mesh Gown (Red) – by Arwen Serpente
IndiraLove Designs – Mesh Sari 5 – by Lani Seda

ieQED – burst metal crown (Gold) – by SigiFaust
LODE – Peony Crown (Red) – by Chirzaka Vlodovic
LODE – Rose Vintage Crown (Rose) – by Chirzaka Vlodovic
LODE – Mimosa Big Crown (Red) – by Chirzaka Vlodovic

Keystone – Eridianis’ Eye (Onyx) – by Aymee Monk
Air – Blind Shana-oh (Red) – by Aslan Kish
Swallow – Princess Piercing Bindi – by luciayes Magic
MANDALA – MIYABI Earrings – by kikunosuke Eel
MANDALA – Pearl-Rain-Season3 Necklace (White) – by kikunosuke Eel
Silvery K – Rose Choker – by gin Fhang
Silvery K – Boho Chic Summer (Natural) – by gin Fhang
EMPYREAN FORGE- Tibetan Necklace – by EmpyreanForge
EMPYREAN FORGE- Rhapsody Necklace & Bracelet – by EmpyreanForge
Mon Cheri – Snake Back Necklace (Gold) – by Freya Olivieri
RealEvil Industries – Quinn Rings – by crashnoww
SHAPEZ – SHPZ45 Open Rose Bud Shape – by Shapez ※Fullper item. Customized myself.

RichB – Eyeliner #03 – by sameenshaw
BLOOM – GENUS LIPSTICK BABY Shiny FATPACK – by Valentina SecretSpy

Location: Drune IV (A)

Jua la Rehana